Zoom Concert (Dec 12, 2020)

Zoom Concert (Dec 12, 2020)

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Bug is putting on a Zoom show, where all the attendees will join him live on Zoom for a live acoustic performance.


This event will take place at 12 pm (Noon) PST on Saturday, December 12. It will last approximately an hour, but maybe more! Use this page to quickly determine what time it will be in your city!


Each ticket is good for ONE device. You will receive a link, your name will be added to our list, and we will only allow one device to join with that name (so you won't be able to share the link with your friends and family outside your household -- but please encourage them to buy a ticket!)

Feel free to have your household join the viewing party, but PLEASE keep in mind that we are doing Zoom shows because we're in the middle of a pandemic, so inviting a bunch of friends or neighbors over is super discouraged and definitely counter to the point.

There are two types of tickets: a normal ticket costs $15, and a "request ticket" costs $20. There are only 8 of these tickets because people with request tickets will *guarantee* their one-song request will be played at the show. I encourage everyone to enter one request in the form above, but the 8 "request ticket" holders will definitely have their song played. This only applies to "Bug Hunter" songs from Torn Between a Couple, The Rough Draft, and Bigger Than Myself (no covers or earlier work).

We will be sending out the link to the show ~48 hours before the show and we will open the Zoom waiting room about 30 minutes before the published showtime. You can log in to the show anytime during that 30 minute, pre-show window. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR ZOOM DISPLAY NAME MATCHES THE NAME ON YOUR TICKET ORDER. If you try to login with something like “IPAD” we won’t be able to grant you access. Once inside, feel free to chat with other fans or hang back and wait for the show to start (we do request that you keep your mics muted, and instead use the text-chat). If you arrive after the start of the show, we’ll wait until a break between songs to let you in. The show will start right on time, FYI, so don't be late.

You don’t have to be on screen if you don’t want to, but it ends up being a lot more fun for everyone involved if you turn your video on. You can look at it this way: with your video off, it’s like watching from the last row seats of a stadium. With your video on, it’s like being on stage and hanging out with the band.

Your mic-audio will be turned off while Bug is playing but can be turned back on for applause and between-song banter. HOWEVER, you’re welcome (and encouraged) to use the in-Zoom chat window as much as you’d like to tell jokes, ask questions or compliment people on their pets. No private messages please (We will have a moderator reading questions, so Bug won't see private messages during the show!). It’s way more fun if everyone in attendance can participate in the chat together.

Within Zoom, you have the option to view the show however you want. “Speaker View" will make Bug the only window visible on your end. "Gallery View" shows everyone’s window. Gallery View might not be a great way to watch since we’ll have up to 50 guests, the windows will be pretty small and you won’t get the full “Bug Hunter” experience. However, it can feel more like you’re hanging out with the other participants, which can be cool too. 

Be Kind.
Please be respectful of the show and other guests. Basically, act like you’re going to a show at someone’s house. Please don’t do weird stuff that might distract the performer or other guests during the show. If anyone does anything offensive, overtly distracting, or inappropriate, we’ll remove you from the show without a refund.