Look at you, rockin' hobbies like a tophat
let me guess: you're really into indie rock and podcasts
Chronically online, and you never think its odd that
when people show you memes, you’re thinkin “I already saw that”

Cool headphones! You’re right to keep it quiet
cuz if I had your music taste I’d also try to hide it
The crew is in the car, nows your chance to make it awkward
the mood is crashing hard when they hand you off the aux chord

I tried to warn you but I’m done with taking prisoners
You’re in my target demo and I’m dissin’ all my listeners

Hey cool tune, how’d you find it, kid?
Did you pop into a record shop and dig for it?
oh you let an algorithm make a playlist? cool!
loading "Emo Youth Pastor Jams for You"

and hey maybe they’re a talent and they kill it live
oh, their show has the production of an open mic?
we paid 25 bucks and you had to drag me, too
to sit criss-cross and listen in a living room?

Its not hard but I’ll try to make it simpler
you’re in my target demo and I’m dissin all my listeners

To all my haters who have thrown all that shade and then
made a big claim, said you'd eat your hat if I made it
you took a bite of the brim and didn't like how it tasted
you should've sampled the plastic long before you beret-ed

hats off to your confidence but comeon, IF
I treat my fans like this, did you think you'd win?
I'm rubbin salt in the wounds, just admit you're defeated
you can SZN UR BNE, but you still gotta eat it

You needed me to knock you off your silly little perch
you spend too damn much on my indie merch
You’re enabling a dream, its irresponsible
a grown ass man thinks that anything is possible??

call a cease fire, its all for show
cuz I play until I win like this is rochambeau
and I’m a rocker and your peace sign looks like scissors you’re
gonna get crushed cuz I’m dissin all my listeners

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