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Media Quotes

“Relentlessly Clever... Awesome”

John Wozniak, Marcy Playground

“Have I listened to great albums? Yes. Have I seen amazing bands live? Of course. But, there’s something about Bug Hunter’s The Rough Draft that sweetly calls the listener to see him stage-side”

Dan Ray, Dan’s Tunes

“[Bug] may be one of the best lyricists in our region or beyond. No other bands out there are doing thoughtful, self-reflective pop this well”

Elijah Dhavvan, Rain City Collective



Bug Hunter is a critically acclaimed, nationally touring indie band with a deeply loyal following across the world. 4 albums, 3 successful kickstarters and 35 million+ streams on Spotify show just how far this band has come since Bug began playing open mics in the Seattle area in 2014.

Performing as both a solo act with a simple acoustic guitar or as a three-piece rock band, Bug Hunter has played in cities across the country - performing sold out shows from Seattle to Chicago and Nashville to Boston. Bug Hunter shows are always filled with giant sing-a-longs and personal stories.

Bug is currently headquartered in Richmond, Virginia


155,000 monthly listeners with 40+ million streams on Spotify
40,000 Youtube Subscribers
Markets Played: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Hollywood, Boise, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Lincoln/Omaha, Chicago, St. Pau, Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Cincinnati, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Asheville, Richmond, Washington DC, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Columbus, Atlanta, Orlando, Raleigh, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Berlin, 

    Booking Contact Info

    Email: bug@bughunterbug.com
    Phone: 714-290-2094




      Fan Quotes

      “I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life… and I’m gonna say that seeing you was by far the best”

      Olivia from Chicago

      “You guys were very genuine, open, and down to earth -- that spoke to your characters and made the entire experience very intimate and fun.”

      Tanya S from Hollywood

      “I'm not a huge concert guy, but this was the first show that I've been to in ages that I actually really enjoyed! It was a really entertaining, funny, and heartfelt show!”

      Ben C from Boise