Bug Hunter

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Our Music

Happiness (Without a Catch)

Bug Hunter's fourth album ponders about hopeless optimism and learning how to handle disappointment. And also there's ghosts and a time traveling toaster.


Bigger Than Myself

Released in 2020 and recorded remotely during a pandemic, this album is about teetering on the brink of giving up, but coming out stronger on the other side.


The Rough Draft

Bug Hunter's second album was released in 2018 and was written with one guiding principle: Be honest, be genuine, and leave nothing in the rough drafts


Torn Between a Couple

No musician "makes it" without facing a lifetime's worth of discouragement. Bug Hunter's 2017 debut asks (and hopes to answer): Why do we keep going?


Fan Reviews

I sing along to Disco! In the Panic Room during panic attacks- something about the fast paced lyrics and tongue-twisty-ness of it all helps get my mind off of other things and grounds me. I gave birth just a week ago, and played it on repeat during the worst of the contractions. It kept me focused on something other than the pain! Although Hold Tough and Pinecones are still tied with it for my favorites.


Bug has a way of writing and producing songs that make you think, smile, laugh, and every now and then, cry. He writes stories, that become songs. His words are well thought and clever, with tunes that keep you repeating the chorus over and over when you should be thinking about something else. We love that he is a real person, who is on the other side of the world from us, who feels more like a mate, than the music icon he is fast becoming. Take It Back was one out of the box, a totally different story to his usual, and like all of his songs, it made you think, and when you’re in the right mood, cry.


From the word play, to the clear emotion in his voice, to the fun guitar riffs and beats, Bug Hunter has slowly worked his way into becoming one of my top 5 artists since I first heard “Be Glad I Love You (Go To Bed)” early last year. Every song has clear meaning and stellar writing that you never feel is phoned in. No song feels like it’s trying to be a radio hit by just being catchy (even though they all are catchy). Everything is real and raw, and it’s incredible


Bug is an amazing dude. I am so grateful I discovered his music and have had the opportunity to meet him twice. Both times he was very kind and attentive to all his fans taking the time to meet them and answer questions with a smile and genuine excitement.


This album came in a time where I was really struggling. There are wonderful moments of whimsy and it’s also very musically interesting. The pacing as an album is very good as well. The heavy stuff is interspersed well with the fun lighthearted stuff. Very well done.


I’ve been struggling for so long to get back into writing, but this album has sparked up a creativity that I hadn’t known I still had. There’s something about the way the words are strung together and played so perfectly over the music. Every song gets better the more you listen to it, and I’m always excited for more music. If you’re looking for music that means something, this is it.


Bug’s music makes me so happy, and it is so calming. Even the upbeat songs bring a sense of peace. Like “Pinecones” makes me feel less alone in the uncertainty of life. “Braggin’” makes me feel motivated to try at things I enjoy, and to be proud of whatever I do even if someone else did it better. “Pebbles” gives a sense of wonder and hope for all we can do to be better and to be happy with what we have. I could keep going but overall, I’m just really happy I found this music and that I’ve been able to let it into my life in a big way.”


Bug has the very unique skill of being able to put a lifetime of experiences in a single song. There is also a very rare quality where even the most painful lyrics manage to have a silver lining or hope within their theme. Every song has a story, and every story has something profound to pull from it. Even the sillier songs like “Boogie Pete” have a relatable experience so well expressed within a fun song to bop to. Every single album and song is an entire rush of words that manage to perfectly capture so many specific emotions and moments in time. There is such a rare quality in the writing, and I’ve yet to find another artist that I can fully compare to Bug Hunter.


Jesse Gallaway plays the bass, guitar, piano and kazoo

Bug is the songwriter, singer, and guitarist for the band

Kyle Hodgkinson drums the drums and shakes the shakers