Private Show with Bug Hunter

Private Show with Bug Hunter

Do you want Bug to come to your home/community and play a show?

I am always looking for excuses to travel and perform for people who love my music. If you'd like me to travel to you and perform for your friends and family, let's chat to make it happen!

For a 10-song Bug Hunter show, my current rate is:

$800 + travel costs

What are travel costs?

- Cost of fuel and/or plane ticket to get there (depending on if its "driveable" from Richmond, VA)

- Cost of lodging (if required)

If you were my next-door neighbor, the travel costs would be $0 (I spent no money to get there and I can sleep in my own house). If you lived in London, the travel costs would be the cost of the flights there and back + the cost of reasonable sleeping accommodations where you live (I don't need the penthouse suite).

This "travel cost" value is squishy, and we will chat about it and confirm a total price before making the show happen. But the total cost will be $800 + whatever costs I incur to physically get to you.

Cheaper / More Expensive Options

If you are interested in a private show but don't care when it happens, we will often leave days open on our tours to accommodate private shows with waived travel fees (you only pay the base $800). As long as you are reasonably on our tour route (especially if you live in a city that we are already playing in), we can just do the show for the base price!

If you are hoping to get the entire band at the show, let me know. It will get more expensive (up to 3x the price), but we can definitely talk about it.

This is not the price quote for wedding performances. That's a whole different ball game. I'm open to it, but it has to be under the right conditions. I'm not a "wedding band" and I can't play anything but Bug Hunter songs. Contact me if interested, but understand that I'll have a different price quote.

If you are interested in making this happen, please fill out this Form:

It will alert me to your response and I'll try to respond as quickly as I'm able!

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