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Cover Contest

Our Grand Prize Winner

 Voter's Choice

And our Runner's Up:

Dear McCracken - Ezekiel Ong http://youtu.be/d1UzHRr-RTI

Take It Back - Alex Massey http://youtu.be/EeaLM5JUSTQ

Be Glad I Love You - Anxiety Train http://youtu.be/9uW6pxIasVM

Go with the Flow - Heather Edgley http://youtu.be/nc7nyzc0d_0

Deserve Me - Maddy at Midnight http://youtu.be/OERGtfu5LEc

Pinecones - Luke and Lauren http://youtu.be/rzu_pZSfNyE

Pebbles - N1Cray http://youtu.be/ObwKhfEYbvE

Disco! In the Panic Room - Bad Johnny http://youtu.be/zaWJ3qLJj2Q

Making up Words - Mark Harmer http://youtu.be/iAoFuCCttXw


Thank you so much to everyone who entered and we'll be excited to do this again in the future!