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I hate braggin', marketing just never seemed intuitive
So I've stayed back and in the past have had nothing to do with it
But people need a map to see what they should give a damn about
To save a forest you may have to print a couple pamphlets out…

Oh this attitude is new to me, but things ain't how they used to be
As soon as we'd begin to sing you'd plug your ears cartoonishly
I'd check the peckin' order well before I crossed the road
But either way I'd go I'd always end up feelin' like a joke

I mess up all the time but you are doing awesome, kid
Time to drop the pouty lip and learn to take a compliment

I'm b-b-braggin' and I'm puffin' up my feathers
A chicken with a switch in his position altogether
I'll stick my chest and neck out as I decorate this fairy tale
The color will attract a mate or aggravate the alpha males

Just find a purpose, don't consume, produce a tune or something new
Use your hands to make a thing that won't exist unless you do
You may not make a masterpiece or get your face in magazines
You won't be the next Newton just by nappin' under apple trees

And live your life like you're a kid, paint and dance and play and if
You make a thing, create a bit, you pin that shit up on the fridge!

I'm b-b-braggin' and I'm puffin' up my plumage
Persuading all the parakeets I'm perfect but the truth is
My vocab will distract you, you're just baffled you can talk to me
But don’t forget a parrot's only honest as he's taught to be

I might exaggerate to turn it up a notch
You know what they say: "Give the people what they want"
I might exaggerate to try to sound cool
Describe a shark tank while talkin' 'bout a kiddie pool…
...And I'm divin' right in it

I am swimmin' just to make a big splash
Little fish in big pond, little bird in bird bath
I can puff out my chest as I float on my back
I am bouyant, I guess, when I learn to relax
If I'm gonna speak up then I better impress
Make my diaphragm grow and my vocal cords stretch
And my voice'll get hoarse but my story will spread
Like a pony tale told off the top of my head

I'm b-b-braggin' and I'm puffin' up my ego
A penguin playin' make believe but rockin' his tuxedo
I'll learn to wing it when I think that plan is goin' south
No matter what, I'll always strut, and find something to brag about


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